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An electric pet fence system is a pet containment system that uses electronic FM radio signal to keep your pet INSIDE a designated containment area like your front yard. It also serves the opposite purpose of keeping your pet OUTSIDE of an area, such as a pool or garden.

After the boundary is set by you, your pet will wear a special collar/receiver that gives off a mild stimulation when he gets to close to the containment area. The stimulation received by the pet will not harm your pet in any way. However, if you feel the stimulation setting is too high, you have the option to change the amount of stimulation administered at any given time.

It only takes a few short weeks and sometimes even days before your pet fully understands how the electric pet fence system works. To find out more on how to correctly train your pet using an electric pet fence system check out our informational page on training.
underground-dog-fenceBelow you will find a list of different types of pet fence systems we have available.

In-ground electric Pet fence

      • Our most effective and efficient type of system we have for sale. In-ground systems use wires to customize the containment area in which your pet will be able to safely roam.

Wireless Electric Pet fence

    • Our wireless electric pet fence is by far the easiest of all systems to install. The boundary has a circular range that is adjustable. However, this system is not efficient for yards that have hills and slopes.

Indoor Electric Pet Fence

  • This system is perfect to keep your pet out of those special areas in your house. It is specifically designed for indoors.
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