Proper Dog Training Collar Guidelines

dog-training-collarThe most import aspect of owning an electric pet fence system is making sure your pet uses it correctly. Without the proper training, the most sophisticated electric pet fence system is deemed worthless. To properly train your pet to use an electric fence system is moderately easy to do. All you have to do is follow the dog training collar guidelines and your pet will be trained within a few short weeks. With just three fifteen minute sessions each day for approximately two weeks your pet can be fully trained.


You must teach the pet to react correctly when he gets to close to the boundary of the electric fence.

Below is a 4 step process to correctly train your pet to use an electric pet fence system.

*NOTE:Train with a leash for the first 3 steps.

Step one: Introduction

    • The pet needs to learn exactly where the boundary is by visually seeing the boundary flags.
    • After the introduction to the boundary flag, the pet must learn how to react to the warning beep that is set off when he gets to close to the boundary flag.

Step Two: Correction

    • The next step is introducing the consequences for ignoring the warning beep. As soon as the pet receives his first correction for crossing the boundary line it is your job to guide him back to safety.
    • The object of this step is to make the dog understand that if he does not retreat after hearing the warning beep he will receive consequences.

Step Three: Impulses

    • The third step to properly training your pet to use an electric fence system is to test his impulses and temptations.
    • The object of this step is to see if your pet associates the warning beep with repercussions. You can test his temptations by standing outside the safe zone with your pet’s favorite treat or toy. If your pet disregards the warning beep and crosses over the boundary, then he has not fully associated the warning beep with the correction. If this happens, repeat steps 1-2. If this does not happen, move on to step 4.


Step 4: Final Test

    • The final step to the training process is to see how your dog reacts when the leash is taken off him.
    • Take the leash off and carefully observe his behavior to see if he gets too close to the boundary. You can even test him by tossing a toy close the boundary to see if he stays or chases the toy.
  • It is recommended that you start with just a few minutes a day. Over time, gradually increase the time the dog is unsupervised until you feel 100% comfortable leaving him alone.
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